Critical Care and Emergency Nursing

A critical care nurse treats patients with acute, medical issues or even life-threatening injuries. Critical care nurses needs specific training that allows them to manage and monitor the most seriously ill or injured patients. Critical care nurse must have the ability to think and work quickly in stressful conditions and stay alert after many hours of intensive work issues. Emergency nurses also named as trauma nurses and critical care nurses. Regardless of their titles, these nursing professionals provide important medical service to the patients with medical emergencies; stabilize their medical condition to avoid long-term disability or death. These nurses work with emergency medical professionals under pressure and they are skilled in quickly recognizing traumatic injuries, sudden serious illnesses and are trained to solve them on the spot. Emergency nurses are most often employed in hospital emergency rooms, triage centers, urgent care centers, trauma centers, sports arenas, clinics, emergency response units, poison control centers, prisons and on medical transport helicopters and different branches of the military. A critical care nurse average salary is $64,000 and emergency nurse is $70,000 per year.

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